Services & Training in QuickBooks ®

  • Installation and Set-up
  • Training from basic to advanced
  • Client file hosting (cloud based server)

QuickBooks Logo Trademark by IntuitSpecializing in QuickBooks® software, we can assist you in doing everything from monthly and annual maintenance of your QuickBooks® file to a complete update and overhaul.  We serve clients using the most basic versions of the software with one or two users, up to clients using the most advanced releases with ten or more users.  We can assist you in determining which software is best suited for your needs, handle your software purchase and guide you through the installation process.  With our extensive experience supporting QuickBooks® users since the first version of the software was released, we also offer training and assistance, from basic to advanced.

Our firm utilizes a cloud based server to host your QuickBooks® software so that each client can access their file on a secure server from any computer via the internet.  This server allows DB Consulting to access the client’s file in conjunction with the client; either by logging in at the same time or by shadowing the client so that we are able to walk through any bookkeeping process with the client.  This tool streamlines the bookkeeping and data transfer process making our access to the client’s information very efficient and effective.

For clients who are not prepared to purchase their own version of the software, a current license of the QuickBooks® software can be added to the monthly service package.  All product upgrades are handled seamlessly, without additional cost or interruptions, providing the client with the latest features of the software and with the peace of mind that comes with having those tools readily available.